Forex Trading For Beginners

Forex trading or forex exchange market is one of the most significant financial industry needs or business. If you are a beginner in this field and you want to learn how to become a successful trader, then you are in the right place. Here we mention the best tip for forex trading for beginners.


There are the following the best tips for forex trading if you are a newbie in this field.
Information about market

Firstly you must have sufficient knowledge about the forex market. Which thing do you need to learn? You need to know about the currency pairs. Moreover, you also learn which time of investment in favorable and productive for your investment.

Forex Trading For Beginners


If you want to become a successful trader, then planning is essential. Here the question comes in mind which things are includes in your planning ?. In your planning, includes profit goals, risk tolerance level, Strategies, and evolution criteria. Remember that once your plan is ready, then you don’t cross the parameter of planning.


Practice makes a man perfect. In this section, you follow your trading plan in the real forex market. Moreover, you can check your list with a risk-free practice account, which this way, you can quickly check your plan and currency pairs.

Know about your limits:

To become a successful trader, you must be aware of the limitation of the field. You must be mindful of how much you are willing to taking a risk in each trade. You need to select the goal according to your loss bearing capacity to manage or set you the ratio according to your income or financial condition. Remember that never crosses this limit; otherwise, you can suffer from a significant loss.

Keep it slow and steady:

The main feature of trading is consistency. Loss of money is common in all trading, but your chances of success are maximized if you have a positive edge. For getting better results, you need to educate yourself continuously and updates your trading plan. Remember that you remain stick to your schedule through patience and rules.

Selection of right trading partner

The selection of the right trading partner is essential in forex trading. Things that make your trading experience different from others are pricing, execution, and customer service quality. Moreover, plenty of tutorials and tools are available to learn the starting tricks of forex trading. Hence if you are beginners in forex trading and want to become a successful trader, follow the tips mentioned above.

Forex Trading Makes You Rich

Forex Trading Makes You Rich

Can Forex Trading Makes You Rich?

We are abiding in a world where earning morning becomes the most crucial dare. Everybody wants to make more and more money and wants to become more prosperous. In this technological world, earning money is not much difficult because of technological progression. Technology changes the business bents, and if you are also looking to become wealthy, then working online using a digital pulpit would be an excellent option for you. If you are also concerned about earning money and wants to become more prosperous, then this article is specially written for you.
Yes, you are reading right, as, by trading currencies, you can become more affluent. There are a lot of peoples getting more decadent day by day, and you would be next. Forex trading considers being as one of the best ways to earn money online by just trading currencies. You would be amazed to know that many success stories of forex trading change people’s lives and make them a billionaire. There are many people doing forex trading here, and in this article, we bring here for you the answer to one of the popular questions that arise in every forex trader mind that can forex trading makes you rich?

Yes, you can become a millionaire trading forex:

Amazingly, you can become a millionaire by forex trading. Yes, seeing is believing; you can become a millionaire and earn a great livelihood by trading currencies. But it would help if you had the idea that making money is not much easy and you always need some effort to earn some handsome amount. Forex trading requires smart minded peoples. Yes, if you have an intelligent mind and you know the market rules, then you can become a millionaire in just a few months and even in days.

Forex Trading is an investment opportunity:

If you want to become a millionaire through forex trading, you must have to know the currency trading norms correctly. You must have to know the market trends and also the broker’s mind. Brokers sometimes guide you the best thing, but sometimes they can also cause a loss for you. Don’t ever invest in the currency where you don’t have a decent idea or have any experience. Forex trading is an investment opportunity, and you sometimes have to invest for the long and sometimes for a shorter period.
If you are also worried about becoming a millionaire, then be happy as forex trading is one of the best options in which you have to put less effort and earn a hefty profit.

Foreign Exchange

foreign exchange
What is foreign exchange?

We all have Heard About the Exchange Word in our Daily life but “Foreign exchange” is a high ended word.

So Today We will Talk About Foreign exchange? Because some people don’t know about the foreign Exchange.

What is Foreign Exchange?

In other words we can say “ foreign to “Forex”.

Foreign exchange is a conversion rate of one country’s currency to another country’s currencyBasically it depends on the demand and supply of the countries.

Example Of Foreign Exchange:-

Now we’re going to take an example of Foreign Exchange.

A man has to go to the USA From India and He has 100,000₹ in Indian Currency., So it is important to go on currency exchange.

So the exchange will give him 100,000₹ in USD$ Because the currency of the USA Is dollar.

If he Comes back from the USA after a month and goes to money exchange and Converts USD into INR, If USD Market will go up! So he will get more money.

How Foreign Exchange Work?

This is the most asked Question that how Foreign Exchange work?

We’ve already talked about Changing the currencies from nearby local banks and it can also be done on Trading such as:- Olymp Trade, Expert Option and More.

Foreign exchange is the trading of different countries’ currencies in units of the account.

Why it is Important?

Example:- If we convert EUR € to INR ₹ So it defines the Economic growth and health of the country so the exchange is important.

What is included in foreign exchange?

Foreign Exchange Includes these things:-

Bank notes
Bank Deposits
Foreign Treasury Bills
Short and Long Term Government Securities.
IMF & SDR Positions

What is the IMF & SDR?

IMF Stands for:- International Monetary Fund.

SDR Stands for:- Special Drawing Lights.

What are the types of foreign exchange?

Here are some types of foreign exchange markets available in the world.

Forward Market
Future Market
Spot Market
Swaps Market
Option Market

How to do Foreign Exchange in Trading?

Just follow these steps to do start Foreign Exchange in Trading:-

Create an Account
Select the Currency
Select buy or Sell
Select the trade time.
Start the trade
See the results in Last.

Which Websites are Trustable to start Foreign Exchange?

There are several Websites and Apps available in Google OR Play Store., But some people’s confused about choosing the Right option.

Here are Verified ☑ apps List:-

Expert Option
IQ Option

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How much profit I gain in forex trading

How much profit I gain in forex trading
How much profit I gain in forex trading?

Forex Trading is one of the best ways to start making money online in 2020.

You don’t have to go anywhere By staying home you can earn thousands of dollars per day with your mobile phone or laptop.

What is Forex Trading?
In other words we Can say Forex Trading to foreign Exchange Market where Currencies are traded, forex is a type of business in which risk is Involved.

It is easy to start Foreign Exchange trading, but it needs minimum investment up-to 100$ basically we can buy any type of currency USD, EURO, INR, Etc..

How much profit I gain in forex trading?

It depends on Selling Let’s understand by taking an example of Forex Trading..

Example:- If i buy USD $ Currency and suppose the market is going down of dollars and then next day Market goes high and i Selled dollar currency I earned the profit.

So it is simple to make a Profit with Forex Trading the minimum amount to invest is 100$ You can earn 100$ to Up-to 100× Times 10000$ in a day but risk is involved.

It is important to have knowledge in forex trading., Without having knowledge in forex trading your money can be drawn.

How long does it take to learn foreign Exchange ?

The minimum time to learn forex and get results is about 2 years, and the maximum time is 5 years according to your mind power.

Which is the Best Platform to Start Forex / Foreign Exchange?

In 2020 OCTAFX is Running in trend to start forex trading with 0% of Commission with fixed rate.

Also there are many websites you can choose depending on your choice.

How to Learn Forex Marketing by Own?

Every Trading Platform have A Demo Account option before start trading without having 0 Knowledge and it will help beginners to make money. The amount in the demo account will be 10,000$.

Forex Marketing is not Difficult only one work is buying and selling Currencies, But the difficult thing is to understand the conditions of Currencies Market Value.

Interesting Facts About Forex:-

Losses are Calculated in Pips.
Understanding is Important.
Forex is known as FX.
Forex is Risky and takes time to get results.
FX is Different than Bitcoin,Binary options.
24/7 Trading Can be done in Forex.

Here we’ve Cleared all your doubts and Questions regarding forex How you can Earn from FX? Interesting facts and more.. Hope you liked it..

How Brokerage Works in Trading

How Brokerage Works in Trading
What is brokerage?

A Broker is a firm who arranges transactions between the parties when the deal is done.

In other words we can say that a fee of commission charged between a transaction by a broker.

But many beginners are in doubt because they don’t have knowledge about fees and more things about brokerage.

Brokerage Works in Trading and There are two type of trading:-

Intraday Trading
Delivery Trading

What is Intraday Trading?
We will understand it by taking an example,,
If a person named “Amit” buys and Sells shares in Same day is called Intraday Trading.

In Intraday brokering charge starts from .1% to .10%


If a person Buys and sells their shares after 2 days, 1 week 2 months or 6 months is called delivery based trading.

In delivery based trading brokering charge starts from .3% to .6%

Note:- The brokering charge will be the same on the buying or selling side.


STT Stands for:- Security Transaction Tax, Before 2004 People weren’t able to declare their profit but after 2004 the government launched STT ( Security transaction tax) when you buy any share.

Intraday STT Is 0.25% and Delivery base is 1%.

In the Market there are Many Brokerage firms providing the best products and services everyday.


There are three types of Brokerage Companies available in the market let’s go and know about brokerages.

Full Service Brokerage
Discount Brokerages
Auto Robot Advisors

1) Full Service Brokerages

A full service brokerage company will give you an advisor which manages all things and takes the right decisions Such as:- Investment, Data, Advises 24 hours contact support and more but this option is Expensive but this is legal and right.

2) Discount brokerages

What is A Discount Broker?

A stock broker which helps you to Carries out many things at the right price.

But the discount broker will not give you any advice regarding investment but sure they will help you to get in touch in emergency situations.

But now in Online platforms companies are taking 0% Commission in trading.

3) Auto Robo Advisors

The auto robo advisors are automatic advisors and give you investment they offer Services with 0% fees and commission and the starting rate is just 5$ – 10$.

Final Words about What is Brokerage?

We suggest that if you want to do trading then it is important to learn about the taxes, commissions and fees Such as:-


Thanks for reading..

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